The George in me

The George character embodies the things about myself that I dislike the most, but that I’m also kinda proud of. George Costanza represents duality: the self we hate but can never distance ourselves from, which then becomes the self we love because there’s no point in denying it.  Watching George over the years might be like…. watching a video of myself pick a scab.  Gross, but enjoyable.

IMG_3703If George represents that, then what about Art Vandelay, the name/persona George presents when he wants to impress someone?  Art Vandelay represents the idea that pretending to be the person you want to be (in George’s case, socially acceptable, respected by peers), while momentarily effective, will really only serve you temporarily.  As certain episodes have demonstrated, doing so will usually cause trouble down the road.  To avoid the entanglements and be truly self-serving, just be George.

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