A little bit of everything

Logging my food is a requirement for this 10-week fitness bootcamp I’m doing.  Honestly, it’s kind of annoying!  I’m a person who just loves to eat what I want to eat.  I’d like to think I’m aware enough to watch my portions, but it is easy to lose accountability to yourself over time.  Since beginning my food diary two weeks ago, this process has taught me discipline, thoughtfulness, and awareness throughout my day, not just when I find it convenient.

I’m finding my way back to the healthy eating habits I used to have.  I’m eating balanced meals and snacks consisting of a little bit of everything. I don’t feel bad when I “cheat” once in a while and eat something indulgent because I know I’m exercising every day, I generally eat healthily, I’m controlling the portion of the indulgence, and I am still within the caloric parameters I’ve set to reach my goal.

I’m slowly getting back to my regular healthy weight: I weigh one pound less than I did last week. Bonus: I’m seeing slight development in my arm muscles 🙂

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