AM & Shawn Lee: LA + London = great music

AM Shawn LeeWhile driving, I heard these two perform live on the radio today and their music is really wonderful.  Smooth vocals and cool synth sound. Think Chromeo. Their story is that DJ AM was once listening to the jazz station in LA (94.7 The Wave?) and heard a composition he liked. The jazz station announcer said, “That was Shawn Lee” and DJ AM decided to reach out to him over Myspace.  With common interests in jazz and “library music” from the 70’s and 80’s, they began a musical penpalship overseas, DJ AM in LA and Shawn Lee in London.  They decided to make music together, despite the distance.  They made all three of their albums separately – not even in the same room, city, country, or continent.  Each of them, with their home court advantage, have together created magic.  It might have had something to do with the fact that they are both award-winning established multi-talented artists with a shared vision. I wish I could catch them at The Crocodile tonight!!!! If you can go, you should. Here is a Spotify link to their new album, “Outlines.”

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