What a difference

What a difference red lipstick makes. I’m fighting a cold at home and I’ve been trying to study and just feeling glum. But red lipstick transforms even the most greasy-haired sweater-clad homebody into a cool slick somebody.

(Note: I’m still a greasy-haired sweater-clad homebody).  Do you ever just put on red lipstick when you’re feeling down and ugly inside and outside? I do.  I don’t even go anywhere.  I just stay at home and wash my face, sometimes I put a hot towel on my face, and yeah, I put on a ton of red lipstick. Is that weird? Yes.  Is that silly? Yes.  Is that awesome?  I think so.

Try it next time when you’re feeling blue.  It doesn’t fix anything, but it does give me an inner sense of glam.  That’s the ticket to starting to feel better, ya know.  An inner sense of glam.

On a somewhat related note: I felt weird today because I’ve been thinking too much again. My mom says it’s one of my worst qualities.  I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance we place on the idea of something, and the images that are supposed to represent them, and the photographic sharing of our “selves” and our “experiences” we have grown accustomed to. On the one hand, that’s cool, that’s perception, that’s part of our existence, it’s just life and technology.  It’s nothing new, people have been figuring out new ways to reach other people for freaking ever.  But sometimes it seems the Image is all people care about. To perceive, to convey, to present… But are we really getting to the substance of anything  anymore?  Do people still care about that? Incredibly boring, unimaginative people are now, more than ever, able to successfully convey that they live full, rich lives. Am I this person?  Am I becoming this person?  Have I become this person? Is that new cafe or bar or restaurant actually really great, or is just incredibly (readily, desperately) Instagrammable? I know it can be both, I know people aren’t as bad or stupid I’m making them out to seem. I know there is more to me and more to everyone’s life that what we present. That’s how it’s always been, with or without social media. But I’m in such a dark and weird head space today. I use Instagram regularly (some might say constantly) and sometimes I feel totally OK with and completely un-self-conscious about that. Because it’s FUN! It’s a silly and cool and fun way to connect. But in a darker mood, I feel… Less human.  Like somehow, incrementally but noticeably, I am diminishing the vibrancy of my own humanity. OK.  Wow!  There’s a dark and tragic corner I just crawled into.  I need to stop thinking so much and just live in the world.  Like I’m just here at home with red lipstick and sweatpants on.  Glum to Glam – ACTIVATE.

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