Feeling much better

Man, being sick and feeling isolated really put me in a downer mood (see previous entry).  But I resisted the busy-body urge and gave myself a full day and a half to recover. That’s the only way to keep a cold from dragging on.  It worked, I felt 100% right on time for weekend plans 🙂

Make-up day at the gym: I was pleasantly surprised to find myself thankful to be back in class again. We lifted a bunch of weights, worked on flexibility, balance, and technique, and got our heart rates up high as we subjected ourselves to various forms of light torture.  I have never worked out this intensely before, and have never been this consistent with a gym (five days week), so I’m really proud of myself and my (slow but steady) progress.

Saturday Brunch: One of my best friends asked me out to brunch, and we caught up on each other’s lives over Indian food. He and I were roommates in Alaska during summer ’12, and that is a very cool bond. I cherish him because I can be open and direct with him, and we can laugh and talk about most anything! Though our law school pasttimes of dancing, seasonal outdoor photo shoots, and bi-weekly karaoke are a thing of the past, we still make time to see each other, even with our very different schedules. We reach out to each other, and we respect each other’s time. That means a lot to me.

Dante time: Jacob’s sister stayed with us for the weekend!  It’s always such a fun experience to have her over at our place.  What a cool teen.  We played scary video games, went out for Filipino dim sum, and watched Deathproof.  We all laughed along to a Paul F. Tompkins comedy album :).  Watching these two in their sibling element warms my heart.

Pumpkins!: The weekend ended with us picking out pumpkins and going over to Jacob’s grandparents for their annual pumpkin carving and dinner.  I love this time of the year with them!  We chatted and joked around at the carving table and dinner table. Jacob’s gran made a casserole I love, his mom made a seriously impressive apple pie with dulce de leche topping, and his aunt made the lightest, fluffiest pumpkin bundt cake.  Drool city! Spending time with Jacob’s little cousins is also so much fun.  Over these past couple years, it’s been a joy to watch them grow into very cool, funny, creative people.  Conversations with them are becoming more and more a delight.

After spending quality weekend time with some great people, I’m ready for yet another week of hauling my heavy books everywhere, putting in work, internalizing all this law knowledge and studying my brains out, before….

HALLOWEEN WEEKEND!  Finally! The wait will be worth it. Last week, our friends told us about this cool pumpkin patch in Arlington where there is also giant sling shot for slinging pumpkins.  Jacob and I decided that we’ll drive up there in our costumes on Halloween day,  then at night we’ll watch scary movies 🙂  Man, I love Halloween season so much!

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