The weather has changed dramatically.  It’s that time of the year I begin to feel very thankful to have an “indoors” because outside, it is blustery! Temperatures are in the 40’s, with 50mph winds.  It’s gotten cold very fast. I can  feel winter sinking its chilly claws into me already.

But the weather is good for writing letters, studying, relaxing, swimming in indoor pools, and writing down my thoughts and moments.

It’s also good for making soup 🙂 I was feeling kinda down after my follow-up visit to the doctor and wanted to lift my mood.  Cooking like a mad scientist (no recipe, just my hands, a knife, and my palate) always cheers me up, so I looked to my fridge and pantry.  I saw I could make a green soup.  I chopped up an unknown but large amount of veggies (leeks, broccoli, kale, shallots, garlic, cauliflower), poured in some water, seasoned to taste with an unknown but perfect amount of spices (salt, pepper, hot curry powder, seasoning salt), and voila… Green Soup.  Vegan, too :^)

The other day, Jacob and I lost our marbles and decided to go for an evening walk.  Boy did we have to bundle up!  So different from our summer evening walks, when we could just leisurely stroll out of our front door in shorts and sandals. Now, there’s a process: bundling up in sweaters, coats, scarves, gloves, tights, jeans, and hats. Time consuming, but also totally fun!  Plucking things from my closet and building my look is something I’ve always loved to do. Up here, there is so much purpose behind it, which I have come to enjoy.  Getting dressed not only for decoration, but also for function, and protection.  Seeing what Jacob picks out for himself is fun too. He has a sense of style that I absolutely love.

We walked about half a mile and back in the gusty weather, laughing and freezing our buns off!

I can hear the night wind blow outside. It’s scary!

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