Mood lifting 

All day long I spent studying and got a lot of work done, but as soon I came home, the caffeine and Advil wore off… Total dread – my \m/ cramps began to rage!  The pain has intensified in recent months, and I was feeling very tired and sluggy… just wanted to continue texting with my siblings on the couch.  Jacob got home from his business meetings, and he was totally zapped, too.  But because we talked this morning about going to the gym later tonight, we rallied and stuck to our goal!

Exercising really elevated my mood.  Though I still can’t do high-impact cardio per doctor’s orders, I still got a good work out.  While Jacob was doing cardio and weight machines, I stayed on the mats and did push-ups, sit-ups, bicycle crunches, and dumbbell weights.

It’s really cool how exercising has become a mood lifter.  Once I learned a few exercises and how to do them safely and correctly, I started to get in the groove.  I also noticed I felt less “gymtimidation”.  So, I worked out for an hour, stretched, and felt great.  I’ll consider that Karen: 1, 🔴: 0!

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