Egg Dregs and Pristine Tangerine

Today was a long and challenging day of studies at home. Mundane, but relaxing in a way, compared to the excitement of recent outings. With the exception of the gym tonight, I stayed at home all day today because I also had to do a ton of laundry. Four loads! While I don’t particularly love the act of doing laundry (sorting, lugging, loading, waiting, folding), I love the results: clean folded clothes, and a growing bag of items to donate.

The highlight of my day was waking up with the energy to make a full breakfast for Jacob and myself. I’ve been sick so I haven’t really been up to much food-wise, and it’s only now I’m starting to feel somewhat better, and regain my appetite.

I know it’s not a typical food pic, but I like how this messy plate and dirty fork looks.  Especially with the pristine tangerine.  The colors are nice together.  Reminds me of summer.  I ate the entire plate’s worth of food with my handsome boyfriend enjoying his breakfast beside me before our days’ work.  It was easily the most satisfying part of my day.

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