Pile the Patterns

Today, I’m wearing a handpainted scarf I got from the Frye Art Museum gift shop in 2011, and a pillowcase I got from a garage sale in Oakland when I used to live there in 2008. Under my old green jacket, I am wearing all black, and I thought I could use some color. Inspired by my friends Annie and Natasha who both have a knack for mixing cool patterns, and Iris Apfel who is the queen of layering, I came up with this… look?  It’s neither like Annie’s nor Natasha’s not Iris’s style, but the result of what happens when I have something in mind, but am working with my own handpicked things. I have all this old weird stuff… There a bunch of other old weird stuff I donated long ago, but miss when I see where they could fit in now.  That weird burlap-y brown vest I used to wear, for example.  That would’ve been perfect today. But it’s neat to see what I’ve kept, and how to put it together in a new way.  The usual Karen way of getting dressed.

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