New Recipes #3 

Making and eating what appears to be a tide pool fills me with a certain joy and satisfaction that only a daughter of two excellent cooks can feel after successfully modifying her parents’ recipe.

Pictured here is a bowl of Penn Cove mussels, which I got live from Central Market. I let the mussels open up in a sauteed ginger and garlic broth. I finished the dish with spinach, put the lid on, and turned off the stove so the leaves could just cook in the residual heat. Instead of chayote and green papaya (both of which I used when I made the original recipe), I used one-bite marble potatoes that I let boil in the broth before adding the mussels. Don’t they look like the smooth rocks you see at the beach?  I thought they did 🙂

After everything got tossed in the pot, I added a little pepper and garlic salt to taste. Always gotta taste the food before serving. 

Even as a bowl of leftovers, the dish is still beautiful and delicious. Plus, it is very easy and fast to make. Total prep and cook and time – approx 30mins. 

Stay tuned for a post about the original recipe and what I did for NYE 2016 (yes they go hand in hand!)

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