Rose Period

In stark contrast to my intense yet mundane and repetitive life as I studied for the bar exam, the presidential primaries and debates offered me a source of intellectual stimulation. Along with following the U.S. presidential primaries, I also followed Kanye West’s pre-release hype of T.L.O.P. with the same shock, awe, and excitement.

Every day before its release, Kanye would treat us to daily rants, all while the primaries unfolded with news of Bernie and Hilary slinging mud, idiotic Republican candidates saying dumb things, close percentages and wide margins of victories, candidate tweets en Espanol. Sprinkled among this political news landscape was also news of Kanye changing the name of his album again and again, adding more rappers to the collab list, or previewing a snippet of his Season 3 designs. It really is a sign of the times that one rapper and a ton of presidential candidates can make the headlines. I mean Hillary was profiled in Vogue, and rappers endorse Bernie. The U.S. presidency has intersected with celebrityhood before, but I think now more than ever a U.S. president’s job also (unfortunately?) includes being one of the world’s most scrutinized and adored celebrities.

Which brings me to Kanye, who is probably THE MOST scrutinized and adored celebrity right now. I really, really, really like Kanye West being open about his ego, insecurities, lunacy, and creative passions. I also just really like Kanye West. I don’t think I’ll vote for him in 2020, but I just think its cool that the release of T.L.O.P. coincides with the kick off of NY fashion week, which is also concurrent with the U.S. presidential primaries.

Like any follower of this artist, I was so happy to see his first MSG show tweets. In my eyes the color schemes seemed inspired by Pablo Picasso’s Rose Period, the period I happen to love the most of the prolific painter’s. Of special significance to me is the Family of Saltimbanques painting, which I saw displayed in full glory at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. It is my favorite painting in the whole world. So to see Kanye’s designs reflect elements of it in Season 3, such as color scheme and silhouettes, absolutely delighted me.

While merciless and clever drug king Pablo Escobar may have heavily influenced West’s creative process just as much as, if not more than Pablo Picasso, I still like thinking that Kanye believes himself to be the Picasso of our time.

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