Catch up

I wanna take a moment to write about some recent developments in my life:

Bar exam: Took the bar exam at the end of Feb and came out of the experience alive and, dare I say, victorious. I don’t find out the results til April, but I feel it was my best and most confident performance. After half a year of intense daily studying, I felt prepared during the four days I spent in Tacoma. I felt comfortable, smart, and capable during the exam, and I will take those as good signs. Pass or fail, this is the last time I take this test.

New job: I just got hired and will be gainfully employed as an ice cream chef starting next Thursday! White coat and all. I am so excited to work for Molly Moon’s again.

Last summer, I was doing kitchen delivery for them, driving a van from kitchen to kitchen delivering bulk ingredients and pints and tubs of ice cream. I got to know the chefs and became aquatinted with each of the unique kitchen spaces. It was a fun job, working in a professional kitchen, driving around and lifting heavy shit all summer.

This summer, I am so excited to join the team again and grow my experience in the food industry, in such a supportive and welcoming environment. #knifeskills #lifeskills! It’s the perfect summer job to have while I wait for my bar exam results and figure out my next career steps.

I love learning new things, and I think it’s so cool that this company supports former employees growing their skills within the company. It’s just such a great company that takes care of its employees, makes a damn great product, and loves their customers. I also think it is so cool and admirable that this female-owned, and mainly female-run company is so incredibly successful. It’s an inspiration to me.

Life perspective: I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my perspective on life and have come to the conclusion that, to each his or her own. I think that as long as the way you view life motivates you to treat people well, learn from your experiences, and grow as an individual, it’s all good. I spent a whole day writing a lengthy reflection on this topic, and I may publish it as an entry on this blog, but for now, I think it’s enough to just say: I’m living well, I’m happy, and I have people I love who also love me. I’m thankful. It’s a good life.

Art and books: I picked up my ongoing project (six years and counting) of reading all of Haruki Murakami’s novels, and I just finished  Hear the Wind Sing and Pinball 1973. These are the first and second books that Murakami wrote on his kitchen table once he decided at age 29 to begin his career as a writer. From these two books, you can see the origin of some of his themes, how he has finessed his writing style, and what he’s thrown overboard. Apparently, these two books were out of print for decades, but now they’re available in English in one hardcover volume. Jacob gave it to me as a gift 🙂 After I finished these two, I picked up Sputnik Sweetheart. So far, I really like Sputnik. It’s a strange love triangle and the book is filled with all the other stuff I love about Murkami’s novels. Unlike some of his novels, though, this one is easy to digest, but still poses a lot of interesting questions about personal identity and the different ways people choose to live their lives.

I’m going to begin this art project soon, where I illustrate with watercolors all the food that is eaten and/or prepared in the Murakami novels. I will also be documenting the ingredients and recipes. It will be a big long project, but I’m excited about it 🙂 I really like watercolor as a medium, and even though I’m certainly not the best at it, I think it is cool and fun to practice and grow my skills with a goal in mind. I’ll see what shakes out from this project!



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