Postcards from home

I have until Thursday to revel in the leisurely pace of fully unstructured days before I begin my new job as an ice cream chef. In other words, I’m on vacation 😎. But after studying for the bar exam for half a year and consequently not having a job for that time, I don’t exactly have money to spend on travel. So I’ve decided to give the whole “staycation” thing a whirl. It’s a corny phrase, but I’m definitely feeling at peace.

I began my day making soft boiled eggs à la America’s Test Kitchen, and eating them with buttered toast and tea. I gave myself a stomach ache from eating too many eggs and bread, so I watched some TV for a while and took it easy the rest of the day.

I reorganized the bar cart and feel pretty good about the space. It was kinda gloomy outside today, but the lighting in this apartment is still bright and cheery. Magic!

I did a lot of laundry and reorganized my closet. Having clean clothes is a luxury I don’t take for granted, and it gives me some peace of mind. Reorganizing the closet also seemed to purify and loosen up the space. Now I feel excited again every time I walk past the closet 🙂

A few times, I stopped to admire the neatly hung and folded items. I feel happy 😊


In the evening, Jacob and I paid a visit to our local arcade and played some fun games and took corny pics 🙂 We played Star Wars and Sopranos pinball, Time Crisis II, Bubble Bobble, and Streetfighter. I KO’d his butt in Streetfighter!!

After the arcade, I made the dinner I was too lazy to make last night. A baked dish of bratwurst topped with caramelized homemade tomato jalapeno jam; sautéed garlic couscous; and a simple lettuce and tomato salad tossed in a balsamic vinegar dressing. It looks like an illustrated dinner in my ancient high school French textbook. Saucisson avec salade.

After dinner, Jacob made himself a very boozy Fitzgerald, and I ended the night with a brandy soda, which I prefer in separate glasses 🙂

Tomorrow, I’m giving myself some spa treatment at home, going for a drive, having lunch with a friend, finishing the book I’m currently reading, and beginning another one. Or maybe not. Who knows! I can do anything I want! Staycation is fun!





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