New Recipes # 4 – Puttanesca

What better way to enjoy the start of the spring season than by trying out a new recipe! Apparently this dish is meant for summer, but who cares 🙂 I used the America’s Test Kitchen recipe from Season 14. I forgot the fresh parsley though, and my sauce was more of a rich coating than a chunky sauce. Maybe I have a case of beginners’ luck though because actually, I may prefer it this way. Love this dish.

I made everything from scratch, and it felt great to go through all the steps of this dish. I made the anchovy paste, strained the blended tomato purée, and let the sauce simmer down before tossing it with the pasta, adjusting consistency with reserved pasta water while combining. 

Ingredients: olive oil, garlic, anchovy paste (minced whole filets), red pepper flakes, oregano. Strained tomato purée, coarsly chopped Kalamata olives, rinsed and minced capers. Pasta (Campanelle recommended, but I used spaghetti no. 5).


The flavors and smells of this dish while cooking inspired me to pay full attention to the timing and structure of the recipe. Wouldn’t want to burn anything and let all this goodness go to waste! 


Paired this rich pasta with Reuben’s Hoppy Rye American pale ale. I wanted something deep to hold its own against the pasta, but also somewhat light and zippy to contrast with the salty oiliness the anchovies and olive bring.The description on the bottle sounded appropriate: “A bright nose of lemon, berries, and lime with grapefruit and citrus undertones gives way to a smooth body with a spicy, crisp finish.” 

I wanted to make something awesome because I am feeling great about my new job and the blooming season! Happy eating 🙂

PS Miitomo versions of Jacob and me at the mushroom aisle :p

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