Things Shake out

My last blog entry contained pictures of fun in the sun, but let me tell you – life ain’t always so breezy.

Wednesday through Sunday, you can find me in the kitchen of a gourmet ice cream shop, decked in ratty old clothes and a stained apron. I’m one of a two-person back of house team, and it’s up to us to make the ice cream and toppings that sell tens of thousands of dollars every week. We produce to a very high demand, and also to very high standards. In addition to ensuring food safety, everything must also be “grammable” – worthy of Instagram. It’s physically and mentally challenging to wrangle high-yield recipes and see the product gobbled up so fast! But I absolutely love working with the best and freshest organic ingredients and produce that money can buy. And the excellent medical/personal benefits and free delicious ice cream almost make the 11-hr hr shifts I sometimes work seem worth it. It’s a really hard job, and the location I’m working at has had more than its share of growing pains, but I really love the company.

Molly Moon’s does not fuck around. Their ice cream is damn good because everyone who works there takes their job seriously and enjoys themselves. The owner and COO are constantly having conversations and inviting people from all departments to talk about how to make the company a better and happier workplace. It’s the first place I’ve ever worked that offers paid sick leave and lets employees accrue PTO. It’s also the first place I’ve worked where I’ve pitched ideas to the owner directly and she and the COO treated me with respect.

But I feel spread so thin these days. I think I’m struggling lately because scheduling has been a little off the wall, and I’m just trying to keep up with my other life this summer – I’m an ice cream maker who’s also a lawyer. What? Yes, it’s true! And I am having quite the transitional summer. People must think it’s crazy of me to work these two jobs. But only one (Molly Moon’s) offers crazy good health insurance, and I need to get some things taken care of this summer. Also, I just couldn’t leave Molly Moon’s in the lurch during their busiest season of the year once I found out I passed the bar.  I have loved this company ever since my first day of law school in 2010, which went as horribly as I could have imagined it, and which necessitated a heaping scoop of frozen magic. This ice cream has saved my life!

So on my days off of making ice cream, you can find me in some fancy office space in a suit meeting with a client – YES that’s right! I just signed my first client! An old boss of mine referred this client to me, and there’s a lot of work to be done on her case. I’m still looking for a more permanent lawyer job, but I’m so thankful that the partners of the firm I’m working with right now need someone to do criminal defense, and I’ve got the experience. plus the partners just happen to be my good friends and boyfriend. It’s all very Ally McBeal! I’m also grateful that my old boss sent business my way. Barring extreme cases, it’s really in ones best interest to maintain aprofessional connection even after leaving a job. Aside from the fact that this means you’re probably a decent human being, you also never know when an old connection will pay off.

Well. It’s just wild. The Karen who humiliated herself on the first day of law school and ate ice cream for lunch alone that day, not knowing anyone in a new city and feeling so completely out of her element… that’s the same Karen who, six years later, is making the ice cream that makes people happy, who is surrounded by an excellent support system, and who also passed the goddamn WA State Bar Exam and is a lawyer now. In those six years I’ve learned a lot, and especially that life is not a straight narrow path. It is a wide road with a lot of holes in it, that branches off this way and that, and loops around on itself, and sometimes leads to dead ends, or just seemingly goes on forever.

The one thing that hasn’t changed – I’m still working my ass off. I have worked some very odd jobs in the past three years to make ends meet. No matter what the job is you can count on me to give it my best shot. I take making my own money seriously, and am proud of my efforts. And! This month I was featured in Molly Moon’s monthly newsletter. I’ve never been a featured employee before! It made me feel good to receive some recognition :-)They describe me as an all-star!

It’s a banner month for me. I received my bar #, I made an appt for a much needed wisdom teeth removal surgery which will be covered 100% by insurance, I signed my very first client, I was featured in my company’s monthly newsletter. I hope I have enough energy to last me through to the end of the summer because MAN this is tiring.
I need  vacation! I haven’t been on one since I can’t even remember. I’ll settle for another beach day, though! It’s rough working approx 40 hours in 4 days, then working my other job on my days off, and also trying to fit in quality time with the people I love. But who said life was easy? Life is hard, but it’s incredible to see how things shake out.


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