Seawolf Bakers in Seattle


I’m friends with the culinary manager for Molly Moons Homemade Ice Cream. Actually, she used to be my boss back when I worked on the culinary team for the company 🙃 She knows food! She tipped me off to check out Seawolf Bakers in Fremont for the best croissants she’s ever had since she lived in France. The pastries (and bread) are exceptional.

I brought home a chocolate croissant and a regular croissant to share with Jacob. Both varieties were flaky on the outside, with layers and layers of light flaky chewiness on the inside. Really some of the best I’ve had, too!

I also brought home a loaf of sourdough. When it was fresh, I enjoyed thick slices with butter, or topped with sautéed chanterelles in a cream sauce. Whether toasted or untoasted, the bread was full of flavor, and not too sour. It compliments subtle flavors, rather than overpowers them.

When the loaf ends got stale, I cubed them and baked them with chicken broth, hunks of chanterelles, roughly chopped onions, butter, and pepper. So rich in flavor but relatively low fat. I also opted for the lower sodium broth, and added no salt – the flavors were already bringing it home. This dish is simple to make, I improvised it with no recipe.

I’m glad my court appearance got changed so that I was able to make a stop here! I recommend Seawolf Bakers 😊

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