Boring Conversation 

When people talk to me as if I couldn’t possibly know what they’re talking about, rather than being impressed by those people, I am irritated by them and kind of pity them at the same time, too. Their world must be so small and their ego so large if they think these are the things only they might know about, and would sound impressive coming out of their mouths.

I could be a nice person and give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they’re not trying to sound impressive, maybe they’re just making conversation. But I can’t help but notice how people make me feel when they are talking to me. Why is it that some people who make conversation actually spark a meaningful and fun dialogue and I’m into it, while others just bore me to death with their desperate attempt at seeming cultured and worldly? I’m half of the equation, sure. But my half really picks up on the genuine vs. the not so much. It’s easier and more fun to talk with people who share something about themselves and who also want to hear what others have to say and learn more about them.

It’s better because it helps keep the convo open rather than one-sided. And it makes people feel at ease that they’re not seated at a table with a yammering pretentious snob!

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