Petty pretty precious Stuff

Stuff. Precious, precious Stuff. Petty pretty innocent little material things that don’t know the pain of politics, the mess of being human, the unfairness of existence, or the hunger for things like justice, acceptance, or cake.

Stuff, in which I am able to find temporary solace when all this shit is going down. Acquiring this olden style perfume bottle as a solution to a broken bottle is easily one of the highlights of 2017 for me so far. Funneling the old perfume into this new vessel gave me a sense of satisfaction and relief, that I could still enjoy this small act even though the current state of American politics is equal parts reality TV and real live dangerous consequences. Today, President Obama gave his farewell speech. He very well could be the best president I will ever have in my lifetime. Our country is a mess that’s about to get even messier, and the world is enshrouded in dark fear of what’s to come. I’m trying to stay engaged but it’s hard sometimes, and I feel sad. But I smile every time I spray on some perfume. There’s hope yet.

Shallow? Materialistic? Kinda, yep. Oh well. I’ll take a recharge in any form. These days I’m extra thankful for the important people in my life who keep me going and remind me of love. I’m also thankful for little things like this that make me smile a little until the next one comes.

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