My motivation

It’s Friday today, and I am reflecting on this very busy but productive work week. I feel tired but also really happy and proud of myself. I did a lot of good work for a lot of different people this week. I am thinking about what drives me, what moves me, what motivates me. I liked this thing that Snoop Dogg posted on instagram this week. It is self-centered but for me, it’s relevant. Also, if I am not doing these for/with others, then I don’t feel satisfied with myself either. So for me, it goes both ways. If you’re not enriching my life and I’m not enriching yours, I can’t really prioritize those kinds of relationships.

Since I joined Jacob’s firm, I have been one of the top billers and have sometimes been THE top biller. What motivates me the most to work hard, learn as much as possible, and do the best job for my clients is the fact that it took me 3yrs and 4x of taking the bar in order to get here. It took a lot of discipline, self-reflection, and literally blood sweat and tears. It’s not just me doing this job, but also the very special people who invested in me, and supported and encouraged me, through those hard times.

I see my job now as my opportunity to finally do this work. I sure as hell am not wasting my time, my client’s time, my firm’s time, or my family’s time by not giving it my best shot. I worked very hard to be able to practice law and now that I am, I really really really want to just go for it. Do it. Even if sometimes I do not know exactly what I’m doing, I don’t let that stop me. I let it push me to learn and find out how to do stuff.

Another motivation that pushes me to work is planning a future with Jacob! He has been with me every step of the way on this journey of mine to become a lawyer. He has encouraged and supported me, and now we are in a financial position to save for the things we want in life. We have big dreams of travel, home ownership, growing our business, growing a family even….! It’s all huge stuff that’s kinda off in the distance but I want to be able to save money to make these things an option for us and I know he feels the same way too.

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