Eating My Feelings to Radiohead

I wrote this yesterday and feeling better today, but I still wanted to share it. 

I’m really bummed out today and feel incredibly alone and far away from my family and with no one to call on for a comforting hug. So, I’m here at this cafe by myself and I’ve ordered a tray full of foods that I probably shouldn’t be eating, but I don’t have the energy to care anymore. I have my big headphones on and I’m listening to Radiohead to just drown my ears in music that has always been perfect for my introspective moods. I can count on Radiohead for these kinds of days, the music is so beautiful, even if it is marked with melancholy, aching, anger, the feeling of being lost, scared, reckless, or caught up in the middle of something unnameable. That’s part of life too. Radiohead is one of the best bands to listen to for me, when I want to get comfortable being lost in thought. There are so many amazing bands out there but Radiohead is so familiar. It’s like putting on an old sweater when you need to feel warm and there is nothing or no one else to help. Radiohead is that sweater for me.

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