Why I Power KEXP

TL;DR @kexp has been there for me through 6 of the hardest years of my life, and this is the first year I am in a financial position to give back. Feels good to be a KEXP Amplifier donor!

I started tuning into KEXP in 2011. I was in law school and spent hours on their YouTube channel watching live musical performances. This outlet eased the pain of heartbreak, provided distraction from endless homework, and generally enhanced the already very colorful experience of living by myself for the first time in my life.

When I got my first car in 2014, I knew KEXP would be my channel 1 preset. Three years and almost 20,000 miles later, that has not changed. Through all the rough commutes, early mornings, late nights, and minimum wage jobs I took up while studying for and failing the bar exam, KEXP has been there for me. Two of those jobs entailed being on the road for the majority of my workday, and this radio station helped me endure all that driving. I was having a really hard time, broke as all heck, low-paying jobs, studying hard but seemingly unable to get over that hurdle, feeling alone and ashamed sometimes, trying to make rent and survive. But KEXP was my best friend in my car telling me to keep trying and keep my chin up, always seeming to get where I was, making me feel like it was ok that some things take time, and generally playing such good, relevant shit and hosting cool events.

I finally passed the bar exam last April, and started working as a lawyer last June. I’m at the tail end of my first year of practice, and KEXP keeps me company as I drive to the office, and to courthouses near and far. I was so eager for this spring’s membership drive to come, because I remember telling myself once after driving home from a particularly terrible catering shift, that one day when I’m a lawyer and can afford to do it, I will donate. A few weeks ago, that day finally came!

Being an Amplifier donor is my way of saying thank you to KEXP. You’ve played a big part in my survival up here in the PNW, and you’re part of my ‘village’ that’s helped me and continue to help me through life’s challenges. To many years more!

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