Strawberries and Cream 

When I don’t feel like making the drive to Little Oddfellows for a slice of their cake of the day, you can find me at Honey Bear Bakery! It’s so close to my home and I don’t have to pay for parking. They typically offer 2 or 3 cakes of the day, and it’s always nice to have options. 

This is a chiffon cake iced with house made whipped cream and stuffed with fresh strawberries. It was everything I could have hoped for! Light, sweet, but not too sweet, and felt very ‘of the season’ as I ate this bright cheery cake with the sun shining through the bakery window. This cake makes me want to make a chiffon cake so badly! Maybe a lemon chiffon stuffed with blueberries… mmm goddamn. 

As delicious and inspiring as this cake slice was, that’s probably enough romanticizing. Let’s be real – I’ve not been eating very healthy this week… this is my last hurrah before I begin a 5x a week better diet & exercise regimen! So for now, let me have my cake and eat it too… ;^)

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