Totality(ish) 2017

Thought 1:
I thought it was an interesting twist of events, how this darkness brought light in our lives. Even if it was for just a moment, so many people collectively experienced this amazing show. It felt very human to be in awe something that occurs irrespective of our existence.

Thought 2:
I’m seeing on social media folks describing their eclipse pics as “obligatory.” Why is it “obligatory” to post solar eclipse photos? No one is forcing or expecting anyone to do so. I didn’t feel like I was obligated in any way. I think people just wanna share this moment bc its cool as fuck and they’re excited about it!

Thought 3:
It was a total solar eclipse, no doubt about that, but where I was, max visibility was at 92%. Thats still a solid A and I’ll take it! Though it would’ve been so cool to drive to OR for this event and camp out and stuff, life’s duties called and we couldn’t justify missing work the way our cases are going. Ultimately, I’m happy to I didn’t pursue that 8%; it meant being able to share this moment with JK while eating breakfast outside our front door, before diving once again into another busy Monday.

Thought 4:
Whether you had glasses or not, doesn’t change the fact that is this just one of the coolest things to behold. No need to get salty about not having glasses! How you experienced this event counts less than the fact you were able to experience it. The things I found most incredible about the eclipse: the huge temperature drop; the birds going nuts and then falling dead silent; and the eerie darkened lightness of it all. It felt like the world was under a spell, a feeling I enjoyed. And I didn’t need the glasses for any of that! …But it was cool to be able to look at the eclipse directly. Really fucking cool hehe.

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