Shame in a fake gem

It's probably not real
I paid twenty bucks
She claimed it's citrine
I said aww hell well shucks

Without any suspicion
I bought the damn thing
It was only a day later
I regretted the ring

It's pretty and dainty
Delicate to behold
But likely not the heirloom
I pass on when I'm old

It's probably fake,
I paid twenty bills
I hope it's citrine
Not just cheap thrills

The other one she claimed
Was sapphire opaque
Deep blue with some flecks
Who'd think it was fake?

I neglected to inspect
The scratches on the jewel
I tried it on dopily,
Enamored like a fool.

Whether either of these are real,
is less important than how I feel:
When I put them on I imagine I am rich
That I own real gems and don't have to wish

That I can afford the finest of things
The finest of gems set in the finest of rings

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