He makes me breakfast
He listens to my mind
He cares for my heart
He turns on my smile

He loves our pets
He likes my plants
He gives me old t-shirts
He gives me old pants

He reads my poems
He doesn't think they're dumb
He makes my heart beat
Like a big happy drum

He loves making stews
He takes me to places
He loves all his hobbies
He makes the best faces

He took me to mcdonalds
He bought me a Big Mac
That was seven years ago
There's no looking back


2 thoughts on “He

  1. Had to report for jury duty 0830 this am. 75 People were called to pick 13. Let 27 go after questioning then picked 13 and finally let the rest of us go at 1130. Three hours of waiting, one break, NO coffee. It was a criminal case, Assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, and more. The thing that might be interesting to you is that the prosecutor is a woman, I would guess late 40’s early 50’s.


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