Fight and Live

Good day at work and good night at home. What more could anyone ask for? And yet. We live in a time where the chasm is swiftly expanding between the have and the have-nots in the United States. It is heartbreaking to think, some people have it 1000x worse in this country, and some people have it 1000x better than I do. How sick does a country have to be, to allow for the decimation and emotional destruction of people en masse? The American Spirit is being trampled. These are dangerous times for the American people.

The calculated cruelty of this administration also pervades, and has always pervaded, all of the systems and institutions of this country. the goal has always been to maintain a severe imbalance of power, and this imbalance of power is the lifeblood of white supremacy.

I support equal access to a good quality of life in the United States for all who come here. Whatever that takes. That’s what we should be striving for. The atrocities that are taking place in this country are evidence of an aging breed coming to grips with the fact that more and more people have had enough. They are evidence of white supremacy weakening, and fighting desperately, cruelly, heartlessly, calculated and insidiously, to maintain a self-serving status quo.

What they fail to realize is that so many Americans are realizing – that’s not what America stands for. America stands for liberty and justice for all. Are you an American? Or un-American? Are you seeing that injustice is all around you? Or ignoring it? Or denying it? The experiment of America is failing: a country founded on the enslavement of people has become, as you’d expect, inhumane. It was inhumane from the start.

Whatever you do in life… make sure you are striving for a more just society. Your words, actions, and behaviors can create something better. A place where we can live amongst each other without fear and each of us, empowered by community.

Our freedom and our sense of justice and compassion will not be threatened. The system must be overthrown.

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